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“SOLUTIONS to the 7 Most Troublesome
Problems Plaguing Independent Pharmacy
Owners Today”

It’s a crying shame what the third-party payers are doing to you and your colleagues isn’t it? And what about the flight of some of your patients to superstores, mail order, and the internet?

None of these things are helping to defray the constantly-increasing cost of doing business, are they? Fortunately, there are answers to the third party payment fiasco, the flight of customers, and all the other problems you’re currently facing.

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Reverse Declining Margins!

A major research breakthrough has revealed that you can actually develop alternate high-profit income streams. In time, you can thumb your nose at third-party payers and bid them “bye bye.” Encouraging evidence, which continues to pour in from our clients, confirms this research breakthrough. The results suggest these solutions could replace your dependence on third-party payers.

How Some Independent Pharmacy Owners Now Create More Profits and Work 30 Hours a Week— or Less

Ten years ago, an independent pharmacist could make a great income just filling regular prescriptions. You don’t need me to tell you that those days are gone— probably forever. Today, many pharmacy owners, who have not yet learned or implemented the solutions to the 7 most troublesome problems, are suffering, feeling hopeless. After all, who wants to work longer, harder hours just to stay in place, or even slip backwards?

Yet, amazingly, some independent pharmacies are more profitable than ever. Their owners are working 30 hours a week or less— and loving it. These truly successful pharmacists have something in common: They took the 7 most troublesome problems plaguing independent pharmacy owners today, and turned each one into an opportunity… with my help. Who am I? I’m 12-year independent pharmacy industry expert Lester Nathan. I have over 33 years of successful retail experience and 53 years of total business experience— and I hold the keys to making independent pharmacists truly successful.

Whether your pharmacy is generating sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or the millions, whether you have one store or ten, whether you currently advertise your pharmacy or rely on word-of-mouth, whether you have a 10,000 square foot superstore or a small apothecary-type pharmacy, we can help you improve your bottom-line, streamline your operations, and help you get down to the business of really enjoying being a pharmacist again. Want to learn more without any commitment or cost? Get a copy of our proprietary 9-page report: “SOLUTIONS to the 7 Most Troublesome Problems Plaguing Independent Pharmacy Owners Today” absolutely FREE. Just fill out the information below!

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