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The year was 1988. I had retired from my position as CEO of my own chain of high-end gift and tableware shoppes two years earlier. I was enjoying retirement– after all, I could relax, and play tennis anytime I liked. That, to me, is heaven.

I met a business owner who needed help. He owned two businesses. While his sales figures were doing well, his profits were poor.

One problem was discovered just by looking at his books, the solution to which immediately freed up both money and labor, two of his scarcest resources. Solutions to other, deeper, problems were revealed through consultations and discussion, and soon he was looking at productivity gains, and newly created standards for labor and managers.

Both businesses became very successful.

This friend’s banker, whom I still have yet to meet, referred me on the basis of results produced alone to my second client, a flower shoppe.

Referral led to referral in a long chain. Before I knew it, I was regularly consulting to individual business owners in a variety of different industries.

So many of my clients were impressed with the results we were achieving together, I incorporated the business in 1993 under the name RESULTS Management & Marketing, Inc.

1993 was an eventful year. Not only did the firm become incorporated, it is also the year I began working with my first Independent Pharmacist (who was our first non-local client as well), and the year that Carolyne Salt joined the firm.

Allen Bunn of Hartman Pharmacy was our first Independent Pharmacist and our first long-distance client.

We helped to increase his bank account by 704% in just four months. He became so successful as a result of our working together that he built his dream pharmacy– Bunn’s Old Tyme Pharmacy– just a few years later.

By 1995, we had come to the conclusion that independent pharmacists were an endangered species. While doing some research using a year-old phone book, we had discovered that a full 42% of the independent pharmacists we were attempting to reach had gone out of business or had sold out to a chain.

We had found our niche. And pharmacists across the country now had the resource they needed to survive, even thrive, in a changing economy. We have already helped over one hundred independent pharmacists increase their sales and profits, and some have gone on to enjoy Total Financial Freedom— namely, the freedom to come and go from their pharmacies as they please, while still enjoying a residual income that affords them the lifestyle they desire.

Regardless of the size of your pharmacy, and regardless of the size of your trading zone, I am confident that you can achieve Total Financial Freedom, too. My firm has been helping independent pharmacists just like you achieve Total Financial Freedom for over ten years.

Please take a moment right now to contact us for more information. You, too, could be on your way to Total Financial Freedom tomorrow.

–Lester Nathan