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A Few Of Our Success Stories With Pharmacies

Success Story #1

A Southwestern clinical pharmacy came to us a few months after having opened. It was not experiencing very much growth at all. Since the apothecary not only restricted its prescriptions to compounding, but also did not take any third-party payment plans, our work was really cut out for us. After identifying some additional income streams that provided high mark-up, we commenced an advertising campaign that:

Brought in hundreds of new patients for the new income streams

Brought in dozens of new patients every month for the custom-compounding, all of whom were extremely profitable

In the first three months of consulting and marketing their products and services, we increased their business by 123%. At the end of just nine months, this clinical pharmacy had achieved the eighteen-month goals originally set. At the time of this writing, (1999), his pharmacy is still growing. He is also building his dream pharmacy: a state-of-the-art facility that is twice the size of the original and located at the second-busiest intersection in his city.

In addition to the strategy formulating and marketing work that we do for him, we’re helping him with his hiring and training needs. After all, explosive growth would only lead to explosive failure if he didn’t have a well-trained staff to support it. We have taken him from having just one pharmacy tech to four, and have just helped him hire a part-time bookkeeper to install a new bookkeeping system. We’re also involved in helping him choose a new accountant, one who is more adequate for his needs. The goals we’ve set for this client are big and audacious, and require a good accountant who can offer him advice and protection for the wealth that he is accumulating. This client continues to be both surprised and exceedingly-well satisfied as we approach twenty-four months of working together.

Success Story #2

In a small Southern town, we worked with an independent pharmacy whose entire competition in town was two other independent pharmacies. By using our marketing system for a group of products that were unique to his store, we helped him produce an additional $110,000 in profitable front-end sales in the first six months of working with him. And his total store profits grew exponentially. We also showed him how to eliminate numerous personnel problems for which he had no solutions. He readily admits that his business life is much more enjoyable now that they have been solved. * amount revealed with permission of client

Success Story #3

One pharmacy owner with whom we worked was able to go from working five days a week to working three days a week by the end of eight months. During that time, sales in more than one of his departments doubled and his profits in some of his highest mark-up departments multiplied exponentially.

Success Story #4

We increased the bank account of one East-coast pharmacist by 704% within a period of four months. In the process, we doubled his film-developing business with some high-performance marketing that required very little cost. This one department was not the sole cause of increasing his bank account; however, it was one of the most significant areas of success that lead to the huge increase in his bank account.