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How to Staff with members of the A-Team:
Techniques so outstanding, you hire Superstars for every position- each and every time!

If the wrong person is hired, even the best training program in the world will not turn that person into a superstar. The best you will ever get from “the wrong person” is mediocrity. And there’s no doubt that in today’s highly competitive world you simply cannot afford mediocrity. The costs to your business could measure in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of just two years.

Even if you run a small business with a handful of employees, you may be losing tens of thousands of dollars each year because of poor performance, lack of productivity and ineptness in dealing with your customers! Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link, so in order to achieve your dreams you need superstars in each and every position on your staff.

The scientific secrets to recruiting and hiring remain largely unknown- even to professionals in large corporations. In fact, trained interviewers with years of experience have success rates of little better than 50%. Can you imagine! One out of every two persons is a dud- or at the very best is just simply not a high-level achiever. Perhaps your staff already consists of this ratio. Just think: not only are there underachievers on your staff, but these underachievers are pulling down those who could be super-achievers.

Whether you have an existing job opening or whether you want to replace a person who is seriously under-performing, you can do much better than the 50% mentioned above. In fact, if you follow the techniques that you discover in our book, Recruiting and Hiring Superstars for Your A-Team, your success ratio should be over 90%.

You’ll learn:

  • The terrible cost of not having the A-Team working for you.
  • Why most prospecting systems fail.
  • Three critical things you must include in your classified ad- even a short five or six line ad. Omit just one of them and you seriously dilute the pulling power of your ad!
  • Other methods of recruiting (if you’re hurting for superstars, you may want to quickly use the special technique on page 16!).
  • Why you must never put your address in your classified ad.
  • hy you must avoid having dead-end jobs, whether you have one or one hundred employees- and how to make that a reality.
  • our best applicants may need the most benefits- how to be certain that you have them.
  • Why a person’s experience is usually irrelevant.
  • The single most compelling characteristic you should look for in every superstar. (you won’t find this information in any one of a hundred other books). Discover what it is and why it’s so urgently needed.
  • The 3 next most important characteristics- and they’re not what you imagine.
  • The three stages of interviewing that lead to hiring members of the A-Team- a no-nonsense, fail-safe system you can put to use immediately that saves you as much as 75% of the time compared to that which the average entrepreneur spends in his hiring system.

Until now, this knowledge was exclusively the domain of those entrepreneurs to whom Lester R. Nathan, President and CEO of RESULTS Management & Marketing, Inc., personally consulted.

“Once in a great while someone comes along who is so knowledgeable, so capable, and produces such impressive results that I just can’t wait to let others in on the secret. Such a person is Lester Nathan, of RESULTS Management & Marketing.”

Allen Bunn, R.Ph.
Bunn’s Old Tyme Pharmacy, Cream Ridge, NJ

Lester is a turnaround management and marketing expert. Thanks to his Master’s Degree in business from the Leonard M. Stern School of Business at New York University, years of experience as the CEO of a successful chain of retail stores, and technical information gathered while reinventing over 100 different businesses in 20 different industries, Lester knows- and shares- the very specific keys to success. The moment that you start hiring superstars with this system you will discover how easily this book can help you add $40,000 to $400,000 to your bottom line in the first year, depending on how many people you hire.

Here is your golden opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars by making the right hires instead of the wrong ones, by hiring superstars instead of mediocre people.

Imagine: having people who are self-starters- ones who seek out more and more work that helps you achieve your goals.

Imagine: having individuals who ask the right questions and carry the answers to their final conclusion.

Imagine: having people who absorb your training quickly and put it to maximum use without making a lot of excuses.

You can have all this and more once you put this system for hiring superstars for your A-Team to work!

Mind you, this is no ordinary book. It is chuck full of information- what you need to do and step by step instructions on how to do it- material you simply have not seen anywhere else. All the forms and guidelines you need are included and can beput to use immediately. This is material never published for public sale before. This is material only given to Lester’s clients over the course of their consultation series.

You get it all- all at once, all in one place, all easy-to-follow and easy-to-use. We will be pricing this at $497 in future months. We are offering a limited number of these books at the pre-publication price of $297. In exchange for the low price, we ask that you give us your feelings- good or bad- on what you’ve read after thirty days. Your feedback doesn’t have to be long or extensive or beautifully typed-out, but it must be honest so that we can further improve this book. Information like this is not available anywhere else at any price. Take this opportunity today! Save money on employment agencies and headhunters (you can do the job better than they can, and for far less money), get the staff that will make you money, not cost you, and move confidently through the hiring process– and all at a fraction of the publication price.

Contact us for further information today! The special pre-publication price will only be offered for a very limited time.