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“Increase Your Margins, Laugh at Pharmacies in Canada and Mexico, and Make as Much as $150,000 in Additional High-Profit Sales in the Next 12 Months. from Just 15 Minutes/Week!”

It’s true! With our newest program, you can turn 15 minutes/week into $150,000/year (or more!) in sales of high-profit products and services.

Never worry about the three Ms: Margins, Medicare or Mail-order, again! Our 15-Minutes to Pharmacy Profits Program uses our Guerilla Marketing Tactics to make independent pharmacists as much as $150,000 in additional decidedly high-profit sales.

In May, 2004, these marketing tactics will be available in weekly, bite-sized chunks to entrepreneurial pharmacists on a first-come, first-served basis.

You’ll learn a new tactic every two weeks- the first week’s fifteen minutes is for learning the tactic, the second is for having your questions answered in a round-table type teleseminar so that you get real results from each and every tactic, each and every time. By the time you’ve learned the first two tactics, you can and should be producing sales of $3,000/month above what you’re producing now- sales of your highest-profit products & services! Imagine- an additional $3,000/month rolling into your bank account at the end of 30 days, from the first 2 tactics alone! At just $997/month, that’s an ROI of 300% in just the first month. By the second month, you should be generating sales of $4,000-$6,000/month- and more each month thereafter! These are conservative, very “doable” estimates.

If you’d like to develop your pharmacy into a well-oiled machine that gives you $5 for each $1 you put in, if you really want to get back to enjoying the business of pharrmacy again, contact us today to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About the 15-Minutes to Pharmacy Profits Program

“Medicare legislation does not have to destroy you if you will just open your mindDon’t waste another minute! Opportunity is knocking now. What will it take for you to realize that moving from third party payers to more substantial profit centers is a necessity and not a choice? Talk to Lester.

Charlie Smith, R.Ph.;
Liggett Pharmacy, Lugoff, SC

Listen to Charlie– don’t wait for Medicare to pull the rug out from under you– don’t even wait another minute! Contact us right now— enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, and this opportunity, like every other worthy of notice, is fleeting.

We look forward to helping you take control of your fortunes and your future, and never have to worry about Medicare, Mail-order or shrinking Margins ever again!